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Phone Calls from Google

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Phone Calls from Google


Hi there!

There’s a scam that has been operating for a while whereby the victim gets an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be with Google. The scammer will say they are calling because they need to update the business’ Google Listing (or something like that).

Don’t fall for it!

Google isn’t calling you. Here’s what Google says about these types of calls. Read it here →

If you get a call like this, hang up. Do not “Press 1 to be removed”. Doing that only lets the scammer know they’ve reached a valid phone number, a real person and you’ll be added to more scam lists.

We have a program to help you manage your local listings on hundreds of websites from a single dashboard! Let me know if you’d like a demo and we’ll set it up!

Stay Safe!

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Crystal Coast Technologies, Inc.


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