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What’s to know about Social Media

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What’s to know about Social Media

 Social Marketing is now a critical need for businesses of all sizes. Businesses are behind the times and losing potential customers if they don’t have a social marketing strategy.

 Social media sites have very different demographics. You should target the right audiences for your product or service. Focus on the audiences that impact your business. Would you sell a product for the elderly to teenagers?

∫   Listings have to be consistent across the hundreds of listing sources and need to be maintained. Inconsistency in listings can be detrimental to any business. Can potential customers find you?

  People take to the web to tell about a business – good or bad.  Your reputation matters and comments need a timely response. A bad review can go viral very quickly – how you handle it can bring new customers or drive them away. Would you want to ignore a bad review?

  Businesses need to stay in constant contact with potential clients by building a trusting relationship – not trying to push them to buy! Providing interesting and informative content consistently helps build those relationships. People buy from people they like and trust. No question about it!

  Websites need to be constantly updated. How many times will you visit a site if there is nothing new to see?


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